Networks Engineered to Exploit

Advance your Pentesting skills with completely custom, purposely vulnerable lab networks

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Slayer Labs

Low-price lab networks full of vulnerable VM's to exploit. Hone your skills, make mistakes, learn and test out new tools in a wide range of virtual lab environments. Choose a Range below to get started!

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Open-Range Network

Once you choose a Range, you'll have access to the entire range network. That means all VM's, not just 1 box at a time!


Designed without the overhead of developing & maintaining training guides, walkthroughs, or certificates.

Beyond ROOT

Engineered with a major focus on Post-Exploitation techniques - Lateral Movement, Pivoting, Credential Harvesting & more.

Campaign Mode

Some labs even have an optional Campaign mode! Each Campaign offers Missions which provide navigational hints, ultimately guiding you to the final box.


Each range has an overall difficulty rating, security focus, theme and other unique features. Checkout each one to get more details. Once you've chosen a range that best fits your needs, pick a Time-Block and Request Access to get started!

  • All
  • Kinetic
  • Blitz
  • TheSprawl
  • Neotek
  • RoadHouse


Access your preferred Range for the prices below. You'll get a VPN Kit & access to all targets in your specified lab - not just one at a time. Access to the Range Control server which includes Tips and the VM revert page will also be provided. It is best to be located in the US or CA to reduce network latency, but not necessary.

14 Days

$8 / user

60 Days

$26 / user

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