This range is in-development set to be released in 2023. If you'd like to be notified upon its release, send us an email found on the
request access page.


  • Total Boxes: 25 VM's - 100% Windows
  • Overall Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Released: TBD 2023
  • Description: Heavily focused on Windows-related exploits
  • Theme: You're a corporate security pro working for a competitor of the mega-corporation known as Kinetic. As the company's most elite cyber-hacker, you've been tasked to bring a mysterious project to light by exploiting your way through Kinetics networks.
  • Unique Features: Fully loaded Windows cyber range with multiple AD domains to pwn!
  • Mode: Free-range
  • Network: 5 Domains - 6 Subnets
  • Continuous Security Patching: TBD
  • Request Access: Send an email with your requested Range including a preferred Time-Block, and you'll be processed ASAP.