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The first cyber-range developed on SlayerLabs. It has commonly used exploits throughout the range, making it overall Intermediate.
  • Full stack of pentesting from Enumeration to Pivoting.
  • No exploit development or manual Buffer Overflows.
  • Some boxes are dependent on owning others (collecting creds, notes, hashes, etc). These are outlined once you have lab access.
  • Not all boxes need to be owned in order to get to the final box, but nothing is stopping you from owning all of them.
  • Kali or a similar pentesting VM is needed.
  • Majority of the exploits can be found on Exploit-DB.

Request Access by following the guidance here:


  • Total Boxes: 25 - Windows & UNIX Systems
  • Overall Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Released: March 2020
  • Description: A wide variety of vulnerabilities with a focus on Web Apps & Pivoting
  • Theme: 80's Action and Sci-Fi movie themed. Free-range allowing the attacker to target, gain access and pivot without guidance.
  • Mode: Free-range
  • Network: 2 Domains - 3 Subnets
  • Continuous Security Patching: False
  • Request Access: Send an email to request access and you'll be processed ASAP.