Learning Objectives

    Beginner/Intermediate friendly lab covering majority UNIX and Web-based exploits along with Intel collection and Pivoting. Story-line heavy, so analysis of collected files is a must in order for lateral movement.

  • Highlights
    • Exploit - PrivEsc - Tunnel - Pivot - WebApps - UNIX misconfigs & vulns - Intel collection
    • Debian - FreeBSD - Solaris - Ubuntu - SSH - Rsync - WebShells - Node.js - CMS - API
    • No binary analysis or buffer overflows - Light on cracking & bruteforcing

Campaign Mode

  • Storyline along 11 Missions
    • Jack-in to the ZetaTours networks and hack your way through the ships systems to unravel the unfolding mystery.
    • Each mission offers a concise task, hinting at what box to target & intel to collect, ultimately leading to the final level.

Request Access by following the guidance here:


  • Total Boxes: 11 - Majority UNIX Systems
  • Overall Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Released: May 2024
  • Description: Focus on Offense Basics & Pivoting.
  • Theme: You've decided to take a much needed vacation from your job as a Cyber Operator and booked a trip with Zeta Tours. You're enjoying time spent away from hacking when something goes terribly wrong.
  • Mode: Campaign or Free-range
  • Network: 2 subnets
  • Continuous Security Patching: False
  • Request Access: Send an email to request access and you'll be processed ASAP.